How easy would it be to build a sub 250g FPV F16?

I saw Bruce's video about his sub-250g Bonsai wing this morning and I thought I might as well do some weighing of my own. I wanted to see how easily I can ...

13 January 2019


Housekeeping - Getting ready for a new flying season

So the weather has been a bit pants and there's only one way to get around the monotony of it - do all of the niggly little things you need to do before super fun ...

12 January 2019


Skywalker Wing Attachment Mod - Toilet Seat Bolts

I think it was Pudsey who did this mod a while ago and I'd been meaning to redo my old Skywalker for a while - I really don't like the elastic bands that attach a ...

11 January 2019


My First FPV Meet of 2019

So I went across to the hallowed Turf Fields for the first time in a couple of years to meet up with Ginner, Keukpa and Faffer for a mornings flying. Good fun - not ...

06 January 2019


First Z-84 Flight of 2019 and First Visit From the FPV Gods

So I took the Z84 out for a quick flight this morning only to be greeted with a blank DVR - the video feed wasn't working. I took the plane back home and ...

04 January 2019


The one time I flew my Avios Bush Mule in FPV

I found this video from earlier in 2018 - this was the first FPV flight with my Avios Bushmule Twin . Unfortunately I got telemetry errors immediately after takeoff, ...

03 January 2019


A quick update vlog - September 2018

A quick update on what I'm flying because it's Sunday evening and I'm bored. Maybe you are too.

16 September 2018


My TBS Disco vs my Immersion Vortex

This is why I never fly the TBS Discovery any more. Oh I know, it can be fixed and improved etc ... but who has time for that? And would it even get close to the ...

31 August 2018


Xplane 11 - Helicopter Demo, Bell 429 Air Ambulance

This is a demo of my flying the Bell 429 Air Ambulance above Newcastle Airport in Xplane 11 using the Ortho scenery. OBS munched the video quality but in ...

18 August 2018


Early Doors

Couldn't sleep, so took the z-84 out for a quick blast around the fields.

23 June 2018


X-Plane - 6 Mile Final Into Liverpool (EGGP) in the DC9

I've been practicing VOR/NDB navigation in X-Plane using the DC9, here's the landing back into Liverpool after a short trip from Liverpool to the Wallasey VOR, ...

19 June 2018


Annotated Z-84 Flight Around My Field

So tonight was a fantastic night for flying, join me while I cruise around with the Z-84 and show you the sights.

15 June 2018


Z-84 - A Nice Little Circuit Around The Field

What a beautiful night it was tonight - perfect flying weather, so here's a very quick circuit around where I fly.

15 June 2018


Fitted a new Mobius to the Z-84

I couldn't be doing with the terrible footage from the 808 #16 camera I installed, so I put a new Mobius onto the wing (having lost one already). It's worth the risk ...

13 June 2018


A Not-Very-Pro Landing into Innsbruck [X-Plane]

First go flying the DC-9 into Innsbruck. Why did it have to be windy??

12 June 2018


Can the Z-84 be any good as a slow, cruising FPV platform?

Yes it can - I decided to try having a nice little potter around with the Z-84 tonight in low winds and it was pretty relaxing. I was VERY disappointed with this 808 ...

03 June 2018

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